Color Trends for Spring Summer 2021: hurray for color!

Fashion color trends 2021

The fashion colors of this year alternate lively nuances to pastels hues.  You can match pink, light blue, red, yellow, green over energetic looks.
This because, after a year of uncertainty, an explosion of vibrant colors was due.

fashion colors spring summer 2021

fashion colors 2021

Christian Dior considered light blue one of the most beautiful colors and, in effect, everyone likes it as it reminds us of the sky.
Sky blue, baby blue or however you want to call it, is been in fashion since the 1920s and it's one of the colors of this year.


sky blue line shirt


Pink enters softly into the season emanating sweetness, lightness and romanticism. Great on white, sage or as a total pink look.


lina linen pink shirt

Illuminating yellow
This particular tone of yellow is one of the main characters of 2021. It gives you energy, optimism and cheerfulness. Where it on a total yellow outfit to charge yourself of positive vibes.

illuminating yellow shirt linen

Green was here last year and keeps on been on this year palette. Loved by designers, you'll find it in different shades: opal, bottle, mint, emerald, sage, olive, ash green...
It will liven up your daywear and will add a special twist into your evening outfits.

green sage shirt

Lavanda, or lilac, has been with us through 2020 and keeps on been on top of the wave in 2021. Feminine but not too sweet, delicate, but with character, this light violet can be matched with brighter colors like ametyst orchid, raspberry sorbet pink, yellows or green, but also with with pastel green, or tone on tone, and with similar nuances like purple or blue.

lilac lavanda shirt top linen

Earth tones
Ocher, raw umber, burnt siena, red oxide, rust, burnt coral, champagne, beige are a great classic of the warm season. They are the color you'll wear for formal occasions, over some elegant creamy pants, or for casual outings over some short in the same nuance. March these colors on white for a sophisticated relaxed look. 

rust earth colors

Total White
White (but also red) is the summer color pre excellence. Though white is not actually a color and is the natural non-color you need in the warm season.
In the fashion catwalk we have seen it on a total look, white on white. But matching it with light colors like vanilla, butter cream or beige is a great turning heads option.

white shirt

Loud, eccentric and  live, orange is a happy color that energises any outfit. Great match tone on tone, or with blue jeans or yellow.

orange cantaloupe linen shirt

French blue 

This year you'll find neon blue (or electric blue) in many different hues. An absolute fashion statement, matched with white, gray or the bright colors of the season.

navy blue linen shirt

Ph. by la.lensphotography 

Red Passion
Brave and intense. It's the color of passion (read more on red here) it's ready to set on fire your looks. Wear it matching it with red accessories and red lippy. The goal? To be noticed.

red silk blouse

Last but not list: Gray or "Ultimate Gray"... We'll talk about it next time.

grey gray blouse shirt ultimate grey