We are for the timeless fabrics, those tested by tradition and centuries. Those fibres that "do good" to your skin and to the environment. We are committed to long-lasting shirts (at everyday low prices) with the exclusive use of materials that are environmentally and ethically sourced.

"Cotton was a force of nature. There's a poetry to it, hoeing and growing cotton." (B. B. King)

Natural and comfortable. There are no harsh chemicals in its makeup that would pose a threat or hazard to plant or wildlife. We use soft and crisp poplins, always refined and suitable for both office or every day casual-wear.

Environmentally Friendly: Cotton is annually renewable and  biodegradable. Modern farming practices and agri-science advancements continue to optimise production so that market demand can be met without sacrificing the future integrity of our natural resources.

It cleans the environment: A cotton crop captures more CO2 in its soil and fiber than it is used to produce it. It removes carbon dioxide from the air we breathe. 

Biodegradable: It doesn't release dangerous chemicals into the atmosphere when breaking down. If for some reason cotton fabric makes it way to a land fill, it will decompose and help to fertilise the area where it is placed. 

Breezy: it allows the skin to breathe which reduces and eliminates the possibility of rashes, including heat rashes. Superior absorption and release capabilities

Hypoallergenic. Cotton is a fabric that does not irritate the skin and is dustmite resistant.

Moisture control: Cotton is naturally absorbent and doesn’t show perspiration and it helps keep you dry naturally. 

Durable and easy to look after: it can be worn hard and washed and washed, and it will still look great. It can be washed at high temperatures and dried with little to no risk of shrinking or thinning. 


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