Our Story - The Casual Shirt Company

Welcome to CAMIXA – where craftsmanship meets comfort in every stitch. Our story is one of passion and dedication, weaving together the essence of nonchalant style with sustainable practices. Founded by an Italian designer in the heart of Sydney, Australia, we specialise in creating timeless women's shirts and blouses using only the finest natural fabrics, including linen, silk, and cotton.


In 2008, Italian designer Celina Di Pisa moved to Australia. Soon after, she encountered the challenge of finding a meticulously crafted shirt that exuded both elegance and affordability – a shirt that made you feel like "a million dollars". Fuelled by the desire to bridge this gap, Celina delved into months of research and tests. The culmination of her passion and determination gave birth to CAMIXA (ancient Italian word for shirt). 

"We wanted to create beautiful shirts directly for our customers, cutting out the middleman. Designer shirts that offer uncompromised quality at a fraction of the traditional retail price." 

From our humble beginnings at the markets of Paddington and The Rocks in Sydney, we quickly garnered the attention of customers across the globe, especially from the United States. Taking our journey online through platforms like Amazon and Etsy, CAMIXA swiftly rose to become a top shirts brand, even finding a spotlight in various TV series.

However, as the challenges of Covid emerged, prompting procurement considerations, we made the decision to focus our offerings within Australia. This shift has brought us closer to our roots, allowing us to continue our commitment to quality and sustainability. And here we are, evolving with the times and dedicated to bringing the essence of CAMIXA to our Australian clientele.


At CAMIXA, our mission is simple yet profound – to design shirts that seamlessly integrate into the moments that shape your everyday life. Whether you're working from home, catching up with friends, attending a work meeting, or stepping out for a special night, our thoughtful products are crafted to elevate your everyday experience. We aspire to be the versatile and reliable choice that enhances your daily moments with comfort, style, and timeless flair.