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09.07.22 | Paige Carmichael | The Chat #1

Welcome to the Chat, the first of a series of interviews with women who have a passion for their job, career or hobbies.

Meet stylish Paige Carmichael, who works in marketing between Australia and UK and will share some of her tips to travel smart.


Hi Paige, can you tell us a little bit about you?

Sure, I’m the founder & director of Brand Side, a PR and digital marketing consulting firm specialising in global retail brands. I live between Noosa (where I grew up), Sydney (where my Australian business is based) and London (where my partner is from and where my biggest client is based).


Tell us about your work and how you pursued your career 

My job is to increase brand awareness in Australia for my international fashion clients through digital marketing strategies. I’ve worked in retail for over a decade if you count my first job at a chocolate shop inside The Sheraton Noosa Resort when I was 15. I had to stop working there as my cholesterol went through the roof! So shortly after that I moved to Sydney and into the world of fashion retail. I started on the shop floor at Honey Birdette’s flagship store and after a few months found myself a head office role as a receptionist, then assistant to the CEO and finally marketing. At 22 I moved to London to work for the biggest lingerie retailer in the UK, that’s how I landed my job at Marks & Spencer.


How did you develop your sense of fashion and style?

Develop is a good word as fashion is never something that came easily to me. I grew up in a town where a summer outfit was a sundress and a winter outfit was a cardigan over a sundress. I didn’t own a pair of jeans until I moved to Sydney! And I didn’t own a coat until I moved to London. It wasn't until I moved to London that I started to develop my own sense of style not just from working in fashion but paying close attention to how people dressed around me. 


Paige Carmichael wears CAMIXA Satin Silk Shirt with jeans

What are the key pieces of your wardrobe? 

A great blazer, a flattering midi dress, straight leg jeans (with extra stretch because it has to be comfortable otherwise I won’t wear it), an oversized linen shirt and my most worn item is probably a silk shirt because it’s classic and looks expensive when paired with almost everything.


On what occasion would you choose to wear shirts? 

For effortless everyday style I’ll reach for an oversized linen shirt. An oversized shirt is great for layering over activewear or with denim for more casual everyday activities. For dressier occasions such a dinner with friends you can’t beat a silk shirt with some gold jewellery. I’ll also wear a silk shirt to work on warmer days or layered under a trench coat in winter (in Australia).


I know you travel often… What are your "must-have items when you travel?

An isle seat, hotel slippers (I love hotels and keep all the slippers just for long-haul flights as there’s nothing worst than getting wet socks in the lavatory) and lightweight materials. You can fit far more silk shirts into your checked luggage than denim shirts and chunky knits.


What do you wear for long-haul flights? 

Lot’s of layers and breathable materials. I always have a change of clothes packed in my carry on in case I have time to shower during my stopover in Singapore.


What are your favourite fabrics? 

Anything that looks more expensive than it is! Silk and satin are my favourites.

What are your favourite colours? 

I’ve always loved neutrals, as they are easy to style and wear time and time again. However, recently I’ve been obsessed with pink and green. My boyfriend and I always laugh about the fact that he said green was coming back in at the start of 2020 and I didn’t believe him. Don’t get me wrong, he’s very stylish for someone who works in IT but I didn’t believe it until I saw it and now I can’t get enough.

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Paige is wearing our Satin Silk Shirt in Champagne, size M