The Spring woman. The 12 season Color Analysis. Part IV




You have a natural colour palette, which is manifested in your skin, eyes, and hair. In the art of  harmo-chromy, or colour analysis, the aim is to identify this natural colour palette and to match it to one of the twelve colour seasons.
In the previous post we have explored the 4 seasons. Now we will look at their sub-seasons STARTING FROM SPRING



Warm, light, bright, delicate and fresh, like a field with spring flowers.
Sharon Stone, Melanie Griffith, Nicole Kidman fall in this season.
The are three subcategory of spring

  • Clear Spring (or True Spring)

The Clear Spring palette is warm-toned, clear, and light to medium.
Hair: ranging from light blonde to light-medium brown, salt and pepper
Bright colors possibly with sunburst patterns. Green in all its hues, light blue, aquamarine, turquoise, blue, topaz brown. Lz

Skin: The skintone will usually be very light or medium. It can have a neutral undertone: ivory, beige, pink beige or porcelain.

Colors: If you fall in this category you know you have stunning eyes and you need to make sure you wear colors that will make them stand out. Opt for decisive colors. Forget khaki, hazelnut, kiwi green, bordeaux, light peach, copper: they will make you look dull. Your best colors are bright greens, turquoise, bluette, lilac, ice pink, black, night blue, dark or medium grey, ivory, sand, clear coral red, bright clear peach, clear warm clover green, bright warm aqua, and bright golden yellow


  • Warm Spring 

The Warm Spring palette is warm-toned, moderately clear, and predominant medium. What stands out in a Warm spring is the golden reflection around hair, eyes and skin.

Hair:ranging from honey blond to light-medium-dark golden blond; dark blonde to medium brown, or a hue in the red family

EyesBright colors possibly with sunburst patterns. Green in all its hues, light blue, aquamarine, turquoise, blue, topaz brown. Lz

Skin: it will range from light to medium, often with freckles. It has a warm undertone. It can have an ivory, porcelain or peach tone.

Colors: Opt for all the colors in the yellow or brown range. Forget the cool colors, dust blue, or bordeaux: they will make you look dull. Your best colors are chartreuse green, yellow green, salmon, tangerine, and golden tan. Ivory, sand, terracotta, acid green. Greys, kiwi green, cream, coral, rose gold, blue peacock, gold. 

  • Light Spring 

The Light Spring palette is neutral to warm, moderately clear and light. 

Hair: Ranging from light blonde to light  and medium brown, natural golden blond

Eyes: Very light eyes, aqua green, light blue, topaz, light hezelnut

Skin: it will range from light to medium skintone. Ivory, porcelain, light beige

Colors: Opt for light colors. Careful with black. Forget colors like mustard, cool tones like plum. You can pair it with gold. Your best colors are ivory, beige, cream, avio bue, cobalt blue, light blue (and all its range); turquoise, lilac, pink peach, coral, middle blue, grays, rose brown.

SHIRTS for the Spring Woman