Three styles, one linen t-shirt

Three ways to style a linen Tee shirt top 

Be inspired by thehungarianbrunette who styled our Linen Tee-shirt top for three different occasions: Casual, for an every day outing, for a work day or a trip, and chic and sexy for a night out.

Throw your linen top over a pair of jeans. Untuck it for a relaxed style or enrich it with a pendant, a belt and tuck it in.



Work or travel outfit
Roll the sleeves and wear your white linen T-shirt on chinos. Top it with a hat for your travels and wear boots for a day in the office.

 Night out outfit

Go for a black attire. This Black linen top pairs perfectly with a leather look pair of pants. The contrast of the linen texture and the shiny fabric is what you need to stand out on your evening errands and fancy dinners.