The festivity outfit you'll call on every time

Satin Silk blouses and gold occasions

Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthdays, important dinners and celebrations require an outfit that stands out without being too pompous while showing you care.

A silk shirt is always the right choice. It can be enriched with fine jewels or simplified with a an unpretentious chain. It's new every time you wear it: its beauty is so stunning that it seems like a new piece, whenever you wear it.

We've put together some festivity outfit inspos styled by @la_nadia, founder of fine handmade jewels @lanadiajewels (pictured in these photos). La Nadia wear our Satin Silk Shirt in pure mulberry silk in the Gold color




 Ph. @la_nadia
Jewels LaNadiaJewels 
Satin Silk shirt available now from Camixa