That laidback collarless linen shirt

That laid-back collarless linen shirt 

mandarin collar band collar linen shirts for women
The collarless linen button down shirt is a blouse with a collar that doesn’t fold and can’t be worn with a tie. It looks great and casual when left open and can be worn for leisure or in the office as well.
It has so many names: mandarin collar, band or banded collar, grandad collar, standing collar, choker collar and officer collar. Even if there are minor differences they are inspired by a unique Eastern shirt. 
The mandarin collar is an unfolded band collar that can be traced back to early 200 BC where it was a traditional feature on the gowns worn by the Mandarins in Imperial China.
Today it's an easy collar that conveys an effortless feel, especially on a linen blouse. It was in fact re-invented by in 1920s New York, by housewife Hannah Montague who cut off the collars to wash separately to get more wear from the shirt. 
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