Simplify your dressing and lift your style with the secrets of colour Analysis

Immerse yourself in the realm of style, uncover your distinct colour palette and embark on an exhilarating journey where your wardrobe transforms into your ultimate companion.

Investing in a colour analysis is an enduring commitment to yourself, one that you'll cherish for a lifetime!

Remember that the top part of your body is what people look at and a quality shirt or top does elevate your look.
Choose beautiful shirts and tops crafted with quality natural fabrics like Camixa Linen shirts, Cotton shirts or Silk blouses.

Ten reason why you should invest in colour analysis:
  1. Simplified Dressing: Knowing your best colours makes creating outfits quicker and easier. 

  2. Save money: Avoid buying items that don't suit you, reducing unworn items in your wardrobe.

  3. Boost in Confidence: Wearing colours that suit you enhances your confidence, reinforced by compliments.

  4. Efficient Shopping: Buy specific shades and colours, reducing overwhelm and ensuring coordinated choices.

  5. Coordinated Wardrobe: Your closet becomes naturally more cohesive, offering infinite outfit possibilities.

  6. Optimal Colour Selection: Easily find your best shades making selection effortless and enjoyable.

  7. Brighter eyes and clearer skin, reflecting a healthier appearance.

  8. A coordinated and mix-and-match wardrobe for effortless outfit assembly.

  9. Unveiling your unique natural beauty by harmonising with your natural colouring.

  10. Build your style with confidence

For more tips read our blog post on "What season are you" HERE  by Colour Analysis Studio and follow them.


Seasonal Colour analysis

 Giulia and Alessandra from Colour Analyis Studio are wearing Camixa Shirts: The LETE Linen Blue Shirt and the Poppy Orange stripes Shirt and the IRIS Lilac and the IRIS Coral Shirt
Lete Blue Shirt and IRIS Lilac for the WINTER Palette, P.oppy Orange Shirt and IRIS Coral for the AUTUMN Palette.