How to match blue for an outstanding look?

Blue is a cold colour; it's a colour loved by most because it reminds of the sky. Blue relaxes you and inspires harmony and peace.

You can match it easily by looking at the Color Wheel (analogous colors, complementary colours) or looking at nature.

In a quick summary here are 7 colour-combos that you will love to test out for that stylish look that will turn heads.

Blue and White (and red)

This is a classic combination. Who doesn't stop to admire a woman with white pants and a blue shirt walking to a cafe near the beach?

To bring some Navy style into the colder months wardrobe, just add a nice Rust Cardigan and sneakers.

Add a red accent for a chic French style.

blue shirt white pants outfit
Photo: Alessia Ambrosio

Blue and Camel brown, beige or Rust

It's a classic, especially in the colder seasons. But it works great ins summer, just think of a navy blue shirt and a pair of khaki beige shorts.


Blue and plum, blue and purple 

This combo is great for a winter outfit. Choose a plum skirt and a navy blouse and you are set!
Blue and purple works too but, for most people, it needs some courage as it's a striking combo.

blue and purple outfit

Blue and orange 

This combination of complementary colours is vivid and beautiful. Try lilac blue and light orange for a toned chic look.

Blue beige outfit, ble orange match, blue purple outfit

Blue and (hot) pink

Sometimes you have to be brave for bright colours, but some people wear vivid colours with nonchalance and they look amazing.

I would call this power dressing. See how Prissysavvy wears a striped blue shirt with a pink suit. 💕

Blue pink outfit, blue yellow outfits


Blue and black

yes, it works. Especially if the blue contrasts with the black (ie. electric blue or baby blue). Navy blue and black can look good too. Yves Saint Laurent was one of the firsts to propose this colour match. When wearing blue you have to think of the right shoes colour.

🚦If you are wearing black socks, wear black shoes.

🚦If you are wearing blue socks, wear blue shoes.

Remember: the shoes needs to be darker than the socks, or you will look like Minnie mouse. 
if you are wearing skin colour socks/collant then you have an large choice of shoe colours.

With a blue outfit you can wear brown shoes, especially if matched with same colour accessories. 

blue and black out fit, blue outfits

 Images via Pinterest

Blue and green 

Wear a blue shirt matched with green pants for a WOW effect. These two colours look amazing when paired. Add something white for a touch of luxe.


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