Stay cool and feminine with lace. Vintage look for warm days

"Women think of all colors except the absence of color. I have said that black has it all. White too. Their beauty is absolute. It is the perfect harmony" - Coco Chanel

Fine, elegant, breezy and simple Broderie Anglaise looks good at any age. It's a form of white on white cutwork embroidery that doesn't rely on the weave of the fabric. Instead, the foundation fabric is cut, to make decorative holes, with their edges overcast to create a lace-like effect.
Ideal in Summer, best on cotton or linen, it can have geometrical or floral patterns. Scalloped edges, finished with buttonhole stitch, are a typical feature.

The story
Broderie Anglaise, in Europe is called Sangallo, from the Swiss town St Gallen where it was originally produced. The textile industry of Sangallo goes back to the XV century.  Of particular value was St Gallen embroidery, which became one of Switzerland’s most important exports in the mid-19th century up until the First World War.
The world Broderie Anglaise, became especially popular in England during the 19th century,
Thanks to the classic white cotton and the timeless styles there are endless ways to wear CAMIXA Broderie anglaise shirts. Try one out!

The CAMIXA collection
Romantic vintage-inspired embroidered eyelet lace in a relaxed fit is a springtime dream. A airy blouse that can go to work under a blazer or wherever. Pair it with turquoise beads jewels for a boho look.

Our collection includes our LETE LACE Two pockets long sleeve shirt and the two pockets AURA Lace; The ANNA Lace (sleeveless, mandarine collar, no pockets) and the CATERINA pop over top.

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How to style it
Worn for a Saturday dinner out, to a summer party, to a bike ride in the park this fabric has a unique effortless elegance that will draw admiration.

Some inspo
Duchess Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton

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