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Mélange linen or Cross weave?

Mélange is French for mixture and cross weave implies a crossed variety of fibers. However you call it, this flax weave fabric gets noticed and is so in trend.
Linen cross weave features substantial weight and a striking two-tone cross-weave pattern with a rich colour depth and dimension.

How is it made
Cross weave means two colors are used, one in the warp, the other in the weft which adds depth and subtle texture interest.

Warp is the set of lengthwise threads, which run up and down the length of the fabric; in the manufacturing process they're held in tension on a frame or a loom. The thread that is then inserted over-and-under the warp threads is called the weft.

Cross-weaves linen fabrics are woven with different coloured warp and weft threads which have been yarn dyed before the fabric is made. This gives a softer "chambray" look. 

natural linen shirts
The GAIA Natural Long shirt and the LOTUS Mandarin collar shirt as seen on @ellapcobb

White and Yarn dyed. The yarns are dyed before weaving. The warp is a different colour yarn to the weft and this gives the fabric a chambray look, grainy and subdued and very classy. The fabric is medium weight, breezy and great for hot weather.

Hand: Appealing smooth cool hand and soft supple drape, opaque with not transparent bust still great for hot summers.

Look: Vintage look, yet contemporary, it easily matches anything thanks to the color variety and mix. 

Care: linen is durable, strong and easy to care. Just wash it in the washing machine and hang it to dry. If you like the crushed lassez-faire look, just wear it. If you are in between, let's call it nonchalance style  just iron the main parts of the garment when humid (or mist it with water). If you prefer the "old fashion" crease free look (do as above) and after and during ironing use a good starch spray. 

lina black melange linen shirt slim fit

The LINA Black Melange Linen shirt Slim-fit - photo by @corrinturner and Jaysees

In short: Crossweave linen refers to a type of linen fabric that is woven using a crosshatch pattern. The term crossweave implies that the fabric has a distinctive crisscross pattern in its weave, creating a unique and visually interesting texture. This technique can enhance the fabric's durability, breathability, and overall aesthetic appeal. 
CAMIXA prides itself for offering a good range of cross-weave line offering a stylish and textured look to your outfits.

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Light blue linen shirts crossweave
The FEBE Short Sleeves as seen on @ashleylondyne 
pink linen shirt
natural shirtsThe REVERE Short Sleeves and the AURA Sleeveless Shirt
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