The Summer woman. The 12 season Color Analysis. Part V




As we have learnt in other occasions, the theory on which color analysis is based on, categorises people into 4 seasons (or macro-categories) that define the ideal palette for each person. These are "friend colors" that will help build harmony in our wardrobes.
In the previous post we have explored the SPRING Woman. Now we will look at the SUMMER woman.

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Fair, delicate, light, the Summer woman has a cold undertone, low intensity and high values. We will find delicate features with low contrats. Hair will be blond, to very blond, or mid chestnut to ash. Natural red hair or very dark hair people cannot be in this category.
Summer palette has a cool tone and light hues.

The are three subcategory of summer: Soft Summer Cool (True) Summer and Light Summer

Soft Summer  

Soft Summer is the most delicate of the Summer season. This season flows into Soft Autumn and has characteristic of some softness in features. 

Hair: dark smoky hair colours ranging from light to medium hash brown; may have blond in it.
Eyes: Light colors from Gray blue to hazel
Skin: With softer skin tones, it will range from light to medium neutral beige. May have a light yellow tone but it will be still in cool. It can tan nicely.

Colors: Opt for dusty colors, sandy and dove gray. Forget the electric blue. Your best colors have delicate hues like soft grays and greens. Military green with a shade of gray is also a great color for this under season. Soft Summer can wear gold or silver with no problem. 



True Summer (or Cool Summer)

True Summer is dominantly cool in coloring – cool eyes, cool hair and cool skin – with little or no warmth to the skin. Avoid wearing warm, golden colors. Blue is a True Summer’s best friend. Almost all shades of blue…from sky blue to Navy look amazing on you. Make sure they are on the soft side. Nothing bright and clear or overpowering.

Hair: medium to deep hash brown. No red tones (or very little).
Eyes: Gray blue, green, acqua or slate.
Skin: Cool to natural beige with rosy tones.


Colors: The True Summer’s primary goal is to avoid wearing warm, golden colors. Blue is your best friend. From sky blue to Navy look great on you. Besides avoiding warm colors, make sure they are on the soft side. Dusty green in all its shades, from military, to mauve, to jade green and all the pastel hues. Forget: bright and clear or overpowering.. Your best colors are bright greens, turquoise, bluette, avio blue, lilac, ice pink, black, night blue, dark or medium grey, ivory, sand, clear coral red, bright clear peach, clear warm clover green, bright warm aqua, and bright golden yellow. You'll look great in cold reds like raspberry and in delicate micro patterns with low contrasts.



Light Summer  

Cool milky complexion, sometimes with a rosy undertone, the Light Summer woman is strictly light from head to toe (skin, eyes and hair). Light Summers are a blend of Summer and Spring (or Summer ‘flowing’ into Spring.) Some of the more neutral colors of spring will be in this palette as will soft greys, soft blues, dusty rose and other light elegant colors. Monochromatic color schemes work great for you! Avoid high contrasts in colors. Because of your delicate coloring, its easy to get overpowered. Remember, too, that there will be some noticeable warmth in your coloring due to the Spring influence. This season often gets mistaken for Springs.

Hair, skin and eyes: Every light and cool colours for hair, eyes and skin tone, no contrast between features. 

Colors: Cool, light hues like lilac, lavanda and light blues, aqua marine blues, mint green are your friend colors. NO to reds, even the cool ones. Choose from a pastel palette.